1. JackalFrazor

    Wanna have one but still too high price. I will buy it kung 4000 or 5000 lang ang price hahahhaha. Hope na maglabas ang local phone manufacturer ng same specs na 4K or 5K lang ang price yan pwede na pag ipunan kung ganyan lang price range. ganda ng cam nya.

  2. Dhen

    The angle is not that good but I think it’s better that way. Kunwari your riding on a jeepney and up your texting if you have bad viewing angles the person besides you can’t read or see what your doing with your phone.. And I think that sony made it also for privacy.. But if your watching a movie by yourself ofcourse ull watch it up close and infront of u. Pero Kung marami Kayo you can always connect it to a sony tv, it’s a great phone…

  3. Dhen

    Z1 is simply beautiful with its specs, the camera , the design, not to mention it is water and dust proof. In my personal experience you really don’t need great viewing angles it’s really not that important, pero bawi naman sa brightness sony has always been kings in that area.. I’m very impressed about the camera as always they hold the title.. Ill but the z1 when it gets here in the PH I really can’t wait..

  4. SophieWaterhouse

    Ganda ng phone na to. Meron ganito yung ate ko 1 month na nyang nabili sa UK. VERY satisfied pa rin siya sa Z1 niya keysa sa dati nyang phone na S4. Gusto ko rin ng Z1 pero hihintayin ko na lang yung Xperia Z1 mini. Same specs at mas maliit lang sa Z1. 4.3 inches siya.

  5. Jazel Guzman

    Maganda po ba ang screen? Sabi kasi sa ibang blog sites, it’s possible na ang ‘di nagamit na screen sa Z ay ginamit daw sa Z1 kaya medyo takot akong bumili nito.

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