Google Employee Steve Yegge Rants About Google+, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft

  Steve Yegge, an employee at Google, made a memo meant for Google employees and posted it on Google+ but instead of making the post private, he accidentally made it public.  Considering the contents of the Memo, which essentially complains about Google+ being just a “knee-jerk reaction” and a proof that Google doesn’t understand platforms … [Read more…]

Motorola Droid RAZR is World’s Slimmest Smartphone

  Motorola just revived the RAZR branding which was popular once when it was used on the the slim razor-like clamshell handset. The Motorola Droid Razr is an Android 2.3 handset and is now the company’s flagship phone. The Motorola Droid RAZR features a Gorilla Glass coated qHD Super AMOLED display that measures at 4.3 … [Read more…]

Lytro Intros First Light Field Camera

  The world’s first light field camera is here.  Lytro, the company that came up with the light field camera concept, finally unveiled the first product that showcases the technology.  What a light field camera does is capture the entire light field, unlike traditional cameras that only capture a single light plane.  With a light … [Read more…]

Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X: Dual-Core Android Phone for Only P15,899

  If there’s any local phone brand that really tries to play with the big brands, it’s Cherry Mobile.  There’s Torque and MyPhone but in terms of handset offerings, Cherry Mobile is clearly ahead of these two.  Now Cherry Mobile just strengthened its phone lineup with the Magnum 2X, a follow up to the Magnum … [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Unveiled, Specs and Release Date Revealed

  The Galaxy Nexus is now official. Google and Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy Nexus at an event in Hong Kong. What was previously rumored as the Nexus Prime has been launched as the Galaxy Nexus. Bigger phones seem to be the trend these days.  Samsung previously unveiled the Galaxy Note and HTC has the … [Read more…]

Canon EOS 1D X Announced: Specs, Price and Release Date

  Canon’s next flagship DSLR has already been revealed.  Although the camera is an update of the current EOS 1D Mark IV, the new camera will be called EOS-1D X.  It is a full-frame 18-megapixel camera with three processors and greatly expanded low-light sensitivity.  It will have a total of 61 autofocus points and a dedicated DIGIC … [Read more…]

iPhone 4S vs Canon 5D Mark II Video Comparison

  To see how good the iPhone 4S is in taking videos, someone tried to compare it with the Canon 5D Mark II, one of the most formidable cameras out there and one that has been used in making movies and shorts.   The author calls it a fair test between the two devices, shooting scenes … [Read more…]

Drop Test: iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II

  In the battle between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, it always boils down to a comparison between the iPhone 4S, the best iPhone from Apple, and Samsung Galaxy S II, arguably the best-specced Android phone in the market right now.  In terms of build quality, do you ever wonder if the iPhone 4S is … [Read more…]

How to Set Up and Use iMessages on iOS 5

  It’s no secret that one of the biggest features of the iOS 5 is iMessages, a BlackBerry Messenger-like chat feature for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. What makes iMessages a killer feature is it’s free to use over 3G or Wi-Fi connection.  iMessage can be used to send anything an SMS … [Read more…]

Nokia 700 and 701, Nokia 500 and Nokia 101 Now in the Philippines; Pricing Released

  Nokia has announced the availability in the Philippines of four new handsets: the Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 smartphones powered by the latest Symbian Belle software; Nokia 500, a handset for the entry-level smartphone market; and the Nokia 101, Nokia’s fifth Dual SIM phone and the most affordable to-date. “Nokia stands true to its … [Read more…]

Smart’s Tap Share is Country’s First NFC Service

  NFC or Near Field Communications is a technology which allows for contactless data exchange between two devices in close proximity to each other. This technology has been actively pushed by Google and is in fact the technology behind Google Wallet, a mobile payment system that utilizes Android phones. Nokia has also released NFC-enabled handsets … [Read more…]