“Google Time” Concept Smartwatch: Imagine Google Now in a Watch

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Smart watches are in nowadays but there’s not one watch that’s truly smart.  There’s the Pebble watch that’s a companion to your smartphones and there are also products like the Sony SmartWatch that’s also designed to be used as a smartphone companion but seem really limited in features.

We don’t know if Google is planning on making a smartwatch but a designer by the name of Adrian Maciburko posted some renders and ideas of a Google smartwatch he calls Google Time.  He posted his ideas on the site Dribbble, a website for designers who share  screenshots of the designs and applications they’re working on.


Google Time is something Google could already be working on, or it could be working on something along the same lines.  Google Time is something believable since it combines design concepts we see from Google’s products.  It uses the Holo theme, for instance, and combines services like search and elements from Google Now to come up with a totally exciting concept design.  The Google Time concept is operated through touch gestures, just like any other device nowadays.  It works on a pinch gesture to leave the main navigation buttons and quickly show other relevant information.

Google Time is designed to display relevant information like details about the weather, information about places and show notifications on Google+, and possibly from Android apps on a smartphone.  Google Time will even allow voice search.

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