Apple Confirms September 10 Event for Unveiling of New iPhone

The new iPhone, or iPhones if rumors are correct, will be unveiled on September 10.  Apple confirmed the event on such date, but as to whether or not it is for the unveiling of new iPhones still remains to be seen.  This is how Apple events are.  They are covered in secrecy.

Reports however claim that the September 10 event will be for the unveiling of new iPhones, specifically the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone 5C variant.  We have read a lot of articles on this and seen a lot of alleged parts, some of which actually seem believable.  These leaks could be true, judging from the way the iPhone 5 and iPad mini were leaked before their announcement.  Or it’s possible that Apple learned from those mistakes and made stricter guidelines to guard its secrets.


Whatever the case, and whatever the product that will be on the spotlight come September 10, Apple fans will surely be in for some interesting news.  The iOS 7 will most likely be officially released, which will make owners of old Apple devices happy as well.  Let’s also not count out the possible announcement of a new iPad mini, which could now feature a retina display.  Apple needs to make things exciting again as Android has eaten a lot of its market share and Microsoft just snagged Nokia to improve its chances in the mobile devices sphere.

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  1. feels like an upgraded version of the previous model and OS, plus with different variety to target the non high-end market.

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