Yahoo Mail Gets an Update, Now Looks Like Gmail

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Marisa Mayer has implemented a lot of changes over at Yahoo since she became its President and CEO.  Most of them have we have heard of recently like the change in internal policies, the new Yahoo logo and the series of acquisitions.  The newest change is in Yahoo Mail.


I am one of those who hate Yahoo ever since I used Gmail. It’s slow, it’s cluttered and it doesn’t offer anything better than what Gmail offers.  When I though I needed another email account that’s not Gmail, I used Microsoft’s  I seemed to have forgotten about my Yahoo Mail accounts and never really felt like I’d be using them again.  With the recent update, I may just start using Yahoo Mail again.


The changes to Yahoo Mail will be seen in all platforms, that is, in both web and mobile apps. The web version is much better than the previous iteration and I see a lot of similarities with Gmail.  With Yahoo, though, the overall design and features appear to be better.  I have yet to use Yahoo Mail extensively before I can pass judgment on whether it is better than Gmail. There are actually a lot of useful options, including the use of threaded conversations.  I tried using the new Yahoo Mail and it is faster and more intuitive and at times, it felt like I was using the Microsoft Outlook desktop program.  This was probably because of the improved reading panes in the new Yahoo Mail.  There toolbar on the left side is collapsible so if you need more space for your mails, you can always collapse the toolbar.  There is also a lot of customization options, with themes and nice looking wallpapers from Flickr.


Yahoo Mail now has 1TB of storage, which is really a lot.  The features that were previously available only to the paid ‘Mail Plus’ product have now been integrated to Yahoo Mail and are free for all users.  Some of these features are disposable email addresses, POP email and mail forwarding.  The only catch is that Yahoo Mail shows ads on the right side.  If you want the ads to go away, you have to pay $49.95 a year.  Even with the ads though, I still like the new Yahoo Mail.

The new Yahoo Mail is now rolling out on the web and on Android, iOS and Windows 8. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.


  1. so, i just got the update…
    the app isn’t a true client… nung na download na yung mails ko, i went offline.
    I deleted and read some messages.. some messages don’t display as well only the throbber displays.
    then when I went online again, and the app downloaded new messages.
    The (supposed to be) deleted messages are in my inbox again and the read messages become unread again.

  2. gradual roll out siguro…
    i have an ancient (circa < 2003) but active yahoo mail account. this isn’t enabled on mine but my friend which has a relatively new account (more then 2 years old) already has this…

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