Next Browser for Android Goes Against Chrome, Opera, Dolphin and Firefox

Mobile browsers are as important as operating systems since almost all mobile users browse the internet.  Android users in particular have access to a host of browsers including Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, and Firefox.  None of these browsers can claim that it has the most complete set of features.  Each one has something nice to offer but users surely wished there was one browser that can combine the best features of all currently available web browsers.

Said wish has been granted to some extent with the introduction of the Next Browser.  This new browser is from Go Launcher Dev Team which is responsible for the highly customizable launchers called Go Launcher and Next Launcher 3D.


What the Next Browser did is to take the best features of other browsers and integrate them into one browser.  Chrome’s most visited sites, Opera’s speed dial page and Dolphin’s extensions are all in Next Browser and it even has an easily accessible bookmarks and search bar.  It even has a built-in RSS reader with a Flipboard-like UI. For the search bar, users have the option of selecting the default search engine from Google to Bing, Yahoo, or Baidu and there’s even a Voice Search option.

You can now download the Next Browser for free from the Google Play store.  It is compatible with Android devices running version 2.2 and higher.  Versions for iOS and Windows Phone are not yet available at this point.

Watch this video featuring the Next Browser for Android.

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