Apple Sets October 22 Event, Possibly for Launch of iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

If you’re planning on buying a new iPad, try to hold off until Apple’s event on October 22.  According to Engadget, Apple just sent invites for an October 22 launch although the invite is quiet as to what devices will be unveiled.  The invite only says is “We still have a lot to cover”.


It is expected that Apple will be announcing upgrades to the current iPads so we may hear about an iPad 5 or an iPad mini 2 with retina display.  These new tablets have been widely rumored to feature a fingerprint scanner similar to what Apple used on the iPhone 5s.  The iPad 5 will have a slightly different appearance as it now follows the design of the iPad mini.  Sources say it will be slimmer and will also feature slimmer bezels on the side.

Apart from new iPads, Apple is also expected to unveil a new Macbook Pro.   October 22 is just a few days away so we will soon know what new products Apple will be offering to consumers.

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