Most Searched Phones in the Philippines in 2013

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Every year, Google releases lists of the most searched terms online.  Called Google Trends, the list includes the most searched topics in all categories but there is also a list for every category.  Google has a list that covers global trends as well as those that are country-specific.

Which phone is the most-searched in 2013?

In the Philippines, the list for most searched mobile phones in 2013 has the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s and Sony Xperia Z in the top three.  Here is the complete list from Google.

The most notable thing in this list is that eight of the ten entries run Android OS, a testament to the popularity of the platform.  None of the phones run Windows Phone OS or Symbian or BlackBerry OS, the three other notable mobile operating systems apart from Android and iOS.   Also, Samsung has four entries in the top ten, an indication that Filipinos are really interested in the brand.  Although it could also mean that Samsung has the most number of handsets in the market, hence it has more product in the most-searched list.

Another notable thing is that the term “iPhone 6” is on the list.  The searches could have come in before the iPhone 5s was launched and people still assumed that the next iPhone will be called an iPhone 6.

Google’s LG-made Nexus 5

What’s quite surprising is that the Nexus 5 has entered the top 10 despite the fact that it has been only in the market for a couple of months, and also despite the fact that it has only been recently available from Smart, which is the exclusive distributor of the Nexus 5 in the Philippines.

Starmobile Knight

For local brands, only the Starmobile Knight made it to the list.  The Knight looks like an iPhone, which is probably the reason it is popular with Filipinos.

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