Qualcomm wants to supply Snapdragon chips to Huawei

Recent rule changes to the US ban imposed on Huawei will prevent the company from manufacturing Kirin SoCs starting September 15, 2020.

As you may well know, Huawei relies on its own chipsets to power not only their smartphones and tablets, but also their other products (such as routers, switches, and other hardware) as well.

The company has since acknowledged the issue, and, are forced to look elsewhere to power their devices and hardware.

Enter Qualcomm, who is looking to fill the role of supplier. According to recent reports, the smartphone chip company is lobbying the US government to soften trade restrictions and allow it to sell 5G Snapdragon chips to the Chinese tech giant.

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According to Qualcomm, the recent rule changes will force Huawei to turn to other chip manufacturers that aren’t US-based, which could mean less control for them. Also, the chip company might stand to lose an estimated US$ 8 billion in potential sales, with the resulting events “causing a rapid shift in 5G chipset market share in China and beyond.”

Recently, Huawei revealed that the incoming Mate 40 series could be the last smartphone to come with a Kirin chipset. The Chinese tech giant has been testing high-end Dimensity chips from Taiwan-based MediaTek, so that’s something to look forward to.

The Snapdragon 865+ was recently hailed as the most powerful Android chip. It is more than qualified to fill the hole left by Kirin flagship processors.


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