Here’s how to add fire and confetti effects on Facebook Messenger.

With our new normal, many of us turn to Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with our family and friends. It is the most convenient way to do it, seeing as a huge section of our population use the messaging platform.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your messaging game, Messenger thankfully has a few tricks up its sleeve to do just that. Apart from the popular gift wrap effect, you can also add fire or confetti effects and the new heart effects to your messages.

UPDATE: It appears the feature is not yet available for everyone, regardless of device or location. A quick look at the comments confirms it.

How to add fire or confetti effects on Facebook Messenger:

On Facebook Messenger, you can start by opening an existing conversation or starting a new conversation. The effects only applies to text. It doesn’t work on emojis or images.

  1. In the message box, type your message which you want the effect to be added. Do not send it yet.
  2. Tap on the Sticker button on the right side of the message box.
  3. Tap effects.
  4. Choose either the confetti or the fire effect.

And that’s it.

How to send gift wrapped messages on Facebook Messenger
The steps are the same for gift wrapped messages. But on Step 4, choose the fire effect instead.

Facebook has been busy adding new features to the Facebook Messenger. One of the more interesting ones added is Watch Together. As the name implies, the feature allows friends in a video chat to watch the same video content together.

Their latest feature, Vanish Mode, is unfortunately not yet available in the Philippines at the time of this article.


Bryan is a tech enthusiast and self-admitted geek who enjoys blogging and watching NBA clips on YouTube. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate communications, marketing services, and customer relations from different industries such as telecommunications and banking.


  1. Lizzette Whitcomb Reply

    I have a New Samsung Note 20 5g Ultra and do not have this option. My friend has a Samsung S10 and has it on her phone. So weird. And no update available.

  2. Hi Mr. Bryan,

    Thank you for the info!

    However, why not all has effects?
    Such in group A I can add effects. While in group B the effects is not visible.

    Thank you in advance!
    Always stay safe and healthy.
    God bless you and your family 😊


    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      I’m not sure. Maybe they release it in batches. Weirdly enough, the feature has disappeared from my iPhone, even though I was able to use it before.

  3. My messenger is updated in the latest version but it seems nothing has changed. I have deleted it and re-installed it many times but it still looks the same. The chat effects and avatars are not working and do not appear. I’ve tried to switch account and it worked on other accounts but not on my own account. What could be the problem with this? Thank you.

  4. LadySwampwitchGivsneaufux Reply

    I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and the effects button is not in my messenger app after I type text and tap on the button. All I get are stickers and gifs. My husband who has an older phone has the button

      • Same here! everytime I type there is no option to set animations but when using a different account it works

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      Have you tried updating the app? Sadly, the feature is not yet available for everyone.

      • I am using Hwawei p30, there is no effect icon in messenger even after i uninstalled and reinstall. Any way to solve this? Thanks.

        • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

          The feature, oddly enough, is not available for everyone. it also comes and goes for different users.

  5. Robert John M. Mondero Reply

    Is it available in Messenger Desktop or Messenger Browser? Also I live in the philippines and I don’t have the effect but my friend does.

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      Its only available on the Messenger smartphone app. For some reason, its not available for everyone. You might want to try updating your Messenger app if there is one.

  6. There is no update in android for my messenger app. So, I can’t have the effects for messages.

  7. I updated but this effect doesn’t come with the messenger app at android os google pixel phone.

    • I uninstalled then reinstalled messenger, yet can’t have this effects. From Ph using redmi note 9.

  8. I don’t have it yet :(
    I’m in Romania. Do i have to try it on an iPhone?

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      Have you tried updating the Messenger app? The effect is available on both iOS and Android devices.

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      Its only for the Messenger apps on Android and iOS devices.

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      Unfortunately, it only works on the Messenger app.

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