There are only two kinds of TWS designs that manufacturers use — it either comes with a stem made famous by the Apple Airpods, or the tiny earbuds type which makes up the rest of the TWS market. But if these leaks are true, then Sony might be set to release one of the weirdest TWS earbuds you’ll see.

TechInsider recently tweeted images of an upcoming TWS from Sony code WF-L900 (codename YY2953). It’s nothing like anything I have ever seen, but it does show some promise, especially if the concept works. Check it out below.

Looking at the leaked images, there’s a hole right through the part of the earbuds that go inside the ear. It may be designed to naturally let sound in, rather than using inbuilt mics for ambient mode. This could prove useful for TWS made for sports and outdoor exercises like jogging where you need to hear the world around you for safety reasons.

The earbud also has a lot of holes, acting like a mini speaker. Could it have multiple drivers or could it be a new type of donut-shaped one? Rumors also suggest that it will come with ANC. How that would work without a proper seal is interesting to see.

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At the moment, there are no other details of features, specs, or pricing. I guess we just have to wait when Sony launches the earbuds.

Via: Android Police, The Walkman Blog


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