PayPal is a popular payment platform that enables online money transfers. It is often used by freelancers to receive payment.

For those with PayPal accounts, it’s easier to transfer money or remit money by cashing in to e-wallets GCash and Maya. And for that purpose, here’s a detailed explanation of how to do it.

How to transfer money from PayPal to GCash

To transfer money to PayPal from GCash, you would need to first link your e-wallet to it.

  1. On the GCash home page, tap on Profile.
  2. Go to My Linked Accounts.
  3. Choose PayPal.
  4. Enter the email address you use on your PayPal account.
  5. Tap Link.
  6. On the next screen, tap Authorize.
  7. You will be redirected to the PayPal login page. Enter your credentials to log in.
  8. Confirm your mobile number and tap Continue.

How to cash in to GCash with PayPal

  1. On the GCash home page, select Cash In.
  2. Choose PayPal.
  3. Enter the amount you want to cash in into your GCash wallet. The minimum is ₱500.00. Tap Next.
  4. Confirm the amount you want to cash in.

How to transfer money from PayPal to Maya

The process of transferring money to PayPal from Maya is the same as GCash, in that you would need to first link your e-wallet to the former.

  1. Go to PayPal and log in.
  2. Go to Banks and Cards and choose Link a Card.
  3. Enter your Maya virtual card information. Make sure your PayPal address is an exact match with the address indicated for your Maya account.
  4. Note that you will need to have at least ₱100 in your Maya account to link to PayPal to facilitate an authorization request. The process will charge you an authorization amount which will be immediately refunded when PayPal verifies from Maya that the card is valid.

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How to cash in your Maya e-wallet with PayPal

  1. On the PayPal Summary Page, click on Withdraw Funds.
  2. Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your PayPal account, and choose your Maya account. The minimum withdrawal amount from your PayPal account is ₱500.
  3. The withdrawal will be processed by PayPal within four (4) business days. There will be a withdrawal fee of ₱250.

Once the money is in your Maya account, you can cash in into your Maya e-wallet.

  1. On the Maya wallet page, tap Cash In.
  2. Choose Maya Savings.
  3. Enter the amount you want to transfer and tap Continue.
  4. Verify the source and destination information. Once confirmed, tap Transfer.

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