1. Elds

    I heard rumors about how the Vaio Y distrupts the network (i.e., kicks everyone else off the net) when it connects to a Linksys router. Is there any truth to this?

  2. Dominic

    Our company bought 4 of the Sony Vaio Y netbooks for us brand managers last May.  Last night, while I was downloading a free installer, a message appeared on my screen informing me that my system is in critical status.  Since the warranty card and the OR of our units were in the custody of our MIS Dept., I went to the Sony shop where we bought the netbooks in SM Northwing in Cebu City this morning. 
    I told  the girl in-charge there of the problem, and she gave me a photocopy of the receipt and the warranty cards.  She told me to bring the netbook to Sony Service Center along Osmena Blvd. which is almost 5 kms from the shop.
    When I brought the netbook to the Sony Service Center and showed them the photocopies, the staff told me that I need to get a certification from the store where we bought the units because the serial number of the netbook is not consistent with what was written on the warranty card.  Thinking that the repair of my laptop will start once I secure the certification, I drove back to the Sony shop and requested for the certification. 
    In minutes time, the sales staff furnished me the certification and explained to me that they use the serial number written on the box of the units for the serial number in the warranty card. 
    I drove again to the service center to give the certification so they could already start repairing my netbook, but the staff told me that they still have to send it to Manila for approval.  The staff told me that they will just inform me next week about the status of my netbook. 
    Since my netbook contains all my work files and I have made this clear to the service staff at the start of the transaction, I, as expected, was totally pissed that it will take time for them to process everything.  In frustration, I pulled out my laptop from the service center and decided to have our MIS department process the whole repair instead.
    Clearly, the customer service of Sony Service Center leaves much to be desired.  I had a personal HP laptop before which I bought from a friend in the US.  I didn’t have the receipt nor the warranty card when i brought it to HP Service Center here in Cebu for repair. Unlike with Sony, all the HP staff had to do was check the serial # in their system to verify if the unit was still under warranty.  This only took them a few minutes.  Since their system indicated that it was still covered by warranty, they repaired it without any delay.
    Should I have known ahead that this is how dismal the after sales service of Sony is, I wouldn’t have recommended buying a Sony netbook as replacement to our old notebooks, but my fascination to the aesthetics of the netbook series got the better part of me which is a big mistake. 

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