Switch to Windows Phone App for Android Now Available for Download

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Microsoft released an app to let Android users know that there are similar or equivalent apps on Windows Phone OS.  The app is called Switch to Windows Phone and it’s an app for Android users that’s now available on Google Play.  What the app does essentially is to scan your Android device for apps that you are using and it will send details of these apps to a SkyDrive account.  On a Windows Phone 8 device, you just need to add the SkyDrive account you used for the Android app and you will then be given app suggestions that are similar to or at least closely related to your Android apps.  If there’s no official app available on the Windows Phone 8 device, other matching apps will be offered.

Microsoft has a huge problem of convincing users that there are currently many available Windows Phone apps and that most likely, your favorite Android app has something similar on Windows Phone 8.  An app like Switch to Windows Phone is something unusual to say the least, but Microsoft has been known to make unusual decisions in an effort to promote Windows Phone over other platforms, especially Android.   Statistically, there are more apps on Android compared to Windows Phone 8, and there are even more apps on the iOS platform.  However, most of these apps are seldom used and Microsoft has a point when it claims that most of the essential apps are also on Windows Phone.


To pump up its campaign of urging users to switch to Windows Phone 8, Microsoft even recently launched an ad which criticizes users of the iPhone and Android phones and suggests that a Windows Phone device is better.  The ad showcases the Nokia Lumia 920.  See the ad below.

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