Playstation 5 logo unveiled; Specs, release date and more

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Instead of revealing the new Playstation 5 console, Sony instead teased with a logo unveiling. The big reveal was made at the CES 2020, and as you probably expected, it’s the same logo as the PS4 with a minor difference.

There isn’t much to talk about here. I mean, the new logo uses the same font type and design of the PS4 logo but instead of a 4, picture a 5. Kidding aside, the Playstation logo is after all one of the most recognizable gaming logos in the world and it carried a lot of brand value. Sony probably didn’t want to waste all that mileage.

PS5 vs PS4 logos

PS5 specs, backwards compatibility

As for what the console brings, the PS5 will come with a AMD Zen 2 processor with a solid state drive (SSD) and support for 4K graphics at 120Hz.

The inclusion of the SSD is a big deal in this case. This will make games load faster and allow it to handle multiple objects on the screen at the same time. Insomiac’s Spider-Man, for example, loaded less than a second on a PS5 development kit, versus 15 seconds on the PS4 Pro.

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The PS5 will also retain the disc drive which supports 4K Blu-Ray discs. This will open up the open up backwards compatibility — meaning you can play PS4 games on the PS5. This ensures your old games won’t go to waste.

It will also come with a new PS5 controller with a new haptic feedback system to replace the rumble motors of its predecessor. There will be new adaptive triggers which responds to how much pressure you use to press it.

Release date

As for the release date, Sony recently confirmed that the PS5 will be “launching in time for holiday 2020.” So expect it late this year, although we might get the console unveiling at an earlier date.

For those thinking of getting a PS4 or a PS4 Pro, the big question for you is can you wait till the end of the year (or possibly early next year) to get a PS4? It could be well worth it just for the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Or should you wait for the PS5? Let me know in the comments below.

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