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How to load Cignal TV prepaid using GCash & PayMaya

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The best and fastest way to reload your Cignal TV prepaid is through your GCash and PayMaya accounts. Its not only safer (given the pandemic), but its quick, easy and convenient that you can do straight from your smartphones.

Here’s how you can do just that using GCash and PayMaya.

Before you proceed, make sure your e-wallets have sufficient funds. You can cash in or load money through online bank transfers via InstaPay, convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Ministop, or your local pawnshops.

Load Cignal TV using GCash

Loading your Cignal TV Prepaid is available through GCash. Through the e-wallet, you will be sent a PIN, which you can load to your Cignal TV prepaid account via text.

To purchase a Cignal TV Prepaid PIN

  1. On your GCash app, go to Buy Load.
  2. On the Buy Load for, input the mobile number that will receive the PIN. Tap Next.
  3. Go to the PayTV tab. Select a Cignal TV prepaid package. Tap Next.
  4. Confirm the detail. Tap Pay to complete the purchase.
  5. You will receive an SMS which will contain the purchased PIN.

Copy the PIN and proceed to load via SMS.

How to load the PIN to your Cignal TV prepaid via SMS

  1. Text CIGNAL REG <Cignal Account Number> and send to 5353. You only need to do this once, if you haven’t yet. After this, you can just proceed to step 2 for succeeding reloads.
  2. Text CIGNAL <PIN> and send to 5353. You will be charged Php 1 per request.

Once successful, you will receive an SMS notification about the transaction.

Load using PayMaya

Loading your Cignal TV Prepaid is more straightforward with PayMaya. Everything is done through the app.

  1. On your PayMaya app, go to Load.
  2. Type Cignal on the search box and choose a prepaid package.
  3. Enter your Cignal Account Number.
  4. And tap Confirm to complete the transaction.

You will receive an SMS notification about the transaction.

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