Apple’s 64-bit A7 Chip on iPhone 5s Just Marketing Gimmick

There is an article from the experts at ExtremeTech that discusses the benefits of the new A7 chip which Apple uses on the recently announced iPhone 5s.  The article claims that in reality, the 64-bit architecture on the A7 chip is just for marketing purposes, to make consumers think they are getting the best hardware.  Apple claims that with the 64-bit architecture, the speed and performance of the iPhone 5s will be double that of the older iPhone 5.  ExtremeTech disagrees with this claim and instead wrote:

The benefit of being the first company to launch a 64-bit mobile processor, even with full OS support, is approximately zero.

There are allegedly two main reasons to use the 64-bit architecture, one of which is to surpass the 4GB RAM limit on 32-bit architecture.  The other is to clean up all the garbage left in a previous implementation of a 32-bit chip.   So in other words, the 64-bit architecture is just there to impress consumers since the iPhone 5s will only have 1GB of RAM, not 4GB which is when the 64-bit architecture would have made sense.


A 64-bit architecture, in theory, should command a faster performance compared to a 32-bit architecture.  In actual use, however, this considers the device’s RAM and with the current iPhone 5s, there is no reason to use a 64-bit architecture.  If there is any improvements on the performance of the iPhone 5s, it is going to be by reason of any architectural improvements executed by Apple in handling the 32-bit code.

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